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The Last Fire Sprite

The Last Fire Sprite

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The Last Fire Sprite: Showreel

The Last Fire Sprite is an original animated series combining fantasy and science fiction!

The Pitch:

A young Fire Sprite named Blaise travels 1000 years into the future to find her world completely changed. Magic is scarce and sold to the highest bidder, a twisted oligarchy holds the last living witch hostage, and her people have mysteriously disappeared. Blaise bands together with a street rat and a pompous princess to evade the countless bounty hunters after the price on her head. Only together can they free the last witch and bring a little bit of magic back into their world.

The Last Fire Sprite: About
The Last Fire Sprite: About



The hero of our story. Standing 5-inches tall, Blaise doesn’t seem like much but she’s more than capable of burning her way out of trouble.  She’s loving, naive, and definitely not ready to accept that her family may be gone. Lost in a world she doesn't recognize, she will need all the help she can get to escape Omnia City and find her people.



Streetsmart with knowledge of all that goes on within the underbelly of Omnia, 16-year-old Axel was experimented on by a shadow corporation and wound up with a dangerous biomechanical arm. After stumbling upon Blaise in The Underground, the two make a pact to stay together until they both are safe from the ruthless bounty hunters after the price on their heads.



The pompous princess, Skylar comes from a powerful onikumi family above the clouds. Having recently run away from home, she offers her services as a hacker under the nickname TITAN. However, her whole operation gets uprooted when a boy and a fire sprite come seeking answers about their pasts. Now fully in the thick of it, Skylar reluctantly joins our heroes. Maybe even forming a new family along the way.

Idina, The Lynx


An incredible combatant with latent magical capabilities, The Linx is one of the many bounty hunters after Blaise and Axel. Aided by her trusty hoverboard, she has many ways to stalk and imprison her prey. She will never stop until she gets her reward because her mother’s life depends on it.

The Last Fire Sprite: About
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